Sook It and See

Betty & Bee love themselves a wee bit of Scottish fashion, so naturally we’re all about supporting this any and which way we can. So if you’re a new fashion or beauty company and you’re looking for a highly specialised approach to your public relations strategy, Betty & Bee want you to Sook It and See. If you’re ready for the extra push, let us take you for a spin.

It’s My Party & I’ll Invite Who I Want To

Betty & Bee know how to throw a party. If you’re an international brand looking to be hooked up with your local influencers and tastemakers locally or a smaller brand looking for a tailored service for events, we’ve got your guest list sorted. Journalists, stylists and buyers sit alongside the darlings of instagram, twitter and the big bad blogosphere.

We’re ready to play matchmaker to finding people who will love you as much as we do.

What’s a “twitter”?

Social media is about having that real connection and sharing the things that you love with the people who love you. We know how to create engaging conversations and locate the right content for your audience. Facebook, twitter, blogging,instagram, pinterest, YouTube – Betty & Bee have you covered.

Printed Press is Dead, Long Live Printed Press

You can’t underestimate the value of a good spread in printed press or the patter of the social media butterflies. As lovers of both digital and traditional media outlets – we work with journalists, stylists and editors across various platforms with trend reports, product placement and telling the very best stories about your brand.

Betty & Bee love fashion media wherever we get it. From our glossies off the shelf to vloggers, we work between traditional and digital publishing platforms to tell your story.

Come and have a Deek

Too right we want to show people what you’re up to and press days are another hat on our stand. We want to show exactly what the brands we work with are up to and get people talking. From stylists pulling clothes for shoots to your journalists coming to see what’s coming up to next, we help provide an intimate and tailored approach to showcasing what your about.

Bit on the side

Press release and distribution, events support, sponsorship and goody bags – great if you just need something a little less heavy.

Interested – why don’t you get in touch