Times they are a’changing: Top 5 moments of Betty and Bee

How do you condense two years of your life into a click-bait friendly top 5 list?  I don’t think there is an easy way to pull together everything we’ve learned and achieved over the past few years, but looking back, it’s nice to reflect on some of the kick ass projects we’ve developed in our time under the twin B’s. As Betty and Bee closes its doors as we take new opportunities and move in different directions, we look back at the projects and the people who have helped make this journey worth every second.


Waste Not Want Not

The work we enjoy the most really is the projects where we really feel like we’ve made a quantifiable difference.  Zero Waste Scotland has been one of the more emotionally rewarding projects we’ve got work on. We spent a weekend collaborating and brainstorming with other creative businesses about the circular economy, took over empty shops for workshops and got to work with the exceptional team at Genuine and Scotland Redesigned chatting how to make the most of your wardrobe.


Specs Appeal

From indie darlings to luxury eyewear giants, we have loved working with glasses companies at the forefront of the optical industry. Going to Mido in Milan with Pretavoir was a crash course in content creation and development that taught us to think on our feet, how to structure our calendars as well as allowing us to meet and work with some of our design heroes. Taking it offline and back in to the store, launching Glasgow powerhouse Iolla with a digital influencer-led campaign was also super fun. From finding brand partners to seeing more sales coming through blogger collaborations than traditional print editorials had us riding a high for weeks. Iolla have fast become the go to stop for affordable stylish eyewear and we’re pretty stoked  we got to be part of their story.


Got to get the money honey: Smashing the Scot Street Style Crowdfund

We love measurable results, and while we enjoy a graph and stats break down as much as the next gals, nothing quite speaks volume as cold hard cash. The Scot Street Style book crowdfund was lagging when we came on board. With a target of £10,000 we had to work fast and hard. With 10 days and nothing but a good wifi connection and our little black books to help us, we not only met the target but smashed it. Pretty good for our first crowdfunding campaign right?

Betty and Bee (2)

Hiring our first member of staff

When running a boutique company you can end up a little in your own bubble, which is why we’ve always loved having interns work with our team. From Sarah and Megan who helped at crucial moments in the business from pop up events to SEO digital outreach, we’ve been shaped by the changing faces who worked in the Betty and Bee HQ, and hope we’ve managed to do the same.  Hiring our first member of staff though was a real pivotal moment. Our Jess was like the ultimate Auntie to help look after our Betty and Bee baby. Seeing her off to the big smoke has us feeling like a pair of proud mother hens. Hell, we feel that way about all our Betty and Bee babies. Our team are a bunch of powerhouses who are continuing to do killer work and we truly can’t wait to see what they do next.

Betty and Bee by Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Basically, everything we did with BLOW

You don’t get many opportunities to grow with a brand, but Betty and Bee and Blow were a developmental match made in heaven. From identifying taste makers to THAT viral campaign (can you guys believe that the glitter roots is doing the rounds AGAIN?) working with BLOW has been one hell of a ride. We created some really super fun editorial content with the team – did someone say intergalactic girl gang? – and have seen the boutique salon become an officially sanctioned Manic Panic Colour Asylum with BLOW photos all over their site. How exciting is that? That’s not even beginning to touch on our work with Topshop, Nobodies Child, The Bang Bar or our festive pop up! The trophies we racked up with the team were pretty sweet too.


It feels like we have barely even touched on some of the wonderful brands we’ve worked with. The girls at Jelly and Gin and their gastronomical food journey, rebrands and relaunches with The Trading House, The Burger Bash with Rebel Rebel, taking on the persona of Mr Dick Winters, working with Catherine Aitken, Helen Ruth, Aymee Charlton, Bonnie Bling, truly it feels like there are too many brands to mention.  It’s still surreal saying goodbye to something we’ve worked so hard on but this is the right decision for right now. And we would do it all again in a heartbeat.

The blog will be sticking around (keeping you up to date with our favourite brands on the Scottish scene) and both Betty and I are super excited about our new projects going forward. With Bee heading more into content creation and digital development and Betty preparing to take on (and over) the freelance world we continue to be each others biggest cheerleaders, in the only way BFF’s can.  We wouldn’t have been able to do it without our family, our friends, and more importantly, each other.

Betty and Bee by CJ Monk at tg5

For the last time, this is Betty and Bee reminding you to stay weird.

March 30, 2016
Times they are a’changing: Top 5 moments of Betty and Bee

BYRON Comes to Glasgow – Freddar Cheese? Yes Please.

Burgers you say? In a city bursting with buns a new joint didn’t come as a surprise, but when we heard it was BYRON coming to Glasgow our jaws dropped. Byron’s just a bit special. So to the #ByronGlasgow launch evening we headed to get ourselves some bun loving. Located on West George Street, the new restaurant fits into the city centre perfectly- taking inspiration from the Bauhaus movement with a minimalist style featuring high exposed ceilings and smooth surfaces.. it’s gaawjus! We’re loving the cheeky slogans on the wall too, especially those devoted to squishy buns and cheese.

image4image1Our waiter Alistair was a dream, giving us all the chat and serving up some tasty irn-bru/bourbon milkshakes… yes you heard right. After devouring them we thought we’d treat ourselves to some ‘while you waits’ (starters for you Byron-virgins). THOSE CHICKEN WINGS. Made to Fred’s secret recipe, all we know is that they’re made from rice flour and friggin delicious dipped in the blue cheese sauce.


Byron is about serving ‘proper hamburgers’ how they should be- medium rare in a squishy bun. But they’ll cook it however ya want! Don’t fret if you’re not a red-meat eater, at our table we had pescetarian/vegetarian/meatlovingcarnivores. The meat was tender and juicy as it should be and we all loved those squishy buns! The chicken burger and mushroom burgers also went down a treat. The one thing we were ALL in agreement on was that Freddar cheese. Think your usual melty burger cheese taken to the most delicious of levels. It was created by the lovely head chef Fred (who we were lucky enough to meet!) with a blend of red Leicester, parmesan and cheddar. Oh baby it’s good.


Byron serves up a selection of sides and we just couldn’t help but try some (them all?). The courgette fries, coated in polenta are crispy, delicious and just a bit different if you don’t fancy regular fries! We know our mac & cheese and we know a good’n when we taste it. Byron’s mac is super cheesy, crispy on top and from Fred’s Gran’s famous recipe. All we can say is Granny did good. We’re saucy gals so a selection of er all the sauces was also necessary. The chipotle mayonnaise is spectacular yet deadly spicy, you’ve been warned.



Byron it was a blast. For great burgers, bourbon and a good time get yoselfs down to Byron’s new joint on West George Street. Burger connoisseurs like ourselves can sign up to the Byron Burger club for exclusive invites to previews of upcoming specials, opening and first dibs to Burger Club events! That’s one gang we wanna hang with.

Betty & Bee x

March 23, 2016
BYRON Comes to Glasgow – Freddar Cheese? Yes Please.

When Nobody’s Child got #BLOWn

Another day another kick ass grrl party, it’s a hard life for us at Betty & Bee HQ! What do you get when the UK’s hottest (and only!) ethical fast-fashion brand meets Glasgow’s hair-stitution? A DAMN GOOD TIME THAT’S WHAT!

Meet Nobody’s Child, she’s sassy, she’s from London and she knows what she believes in: ethical fast fashion. How is this possible you ask!?! We asked, and essentially it’s all about the chain, the supply chain that is! They own the full thing, this way they can keep costs down whilst quality and ethical standards sky-high. Unlike most brands, NC keep their prices low but don’t skimp on quality or use questionable manufacturing practices. We’re always wary when we see brands selling products so cheap but Nobody’s Child is the exception to the rule. Being a living-wage employer means that you can be rest assured that your items have been made ethically. Guilt free bargaining at it’s very best!

We all want the latest styles, fast, at a low price. However, this often means compromising on quality where what you ordered just doesn’t meet your expectations! As Nobody’s Child are strictly online, it’s hard to portray the quality as the goods hardly break the bank – I mean come on £15 for a bangin’ dress? SOLD! So to celebrate all this ethical goodness, we invited 30  Scottish bloggers along to BLOW Finnieston to check out NC’s SS16 collection with some sushi and doughnuts, because OBVS!

Nobody's Child Blow 16 March 2016-38

A party needs a playlist and our girl Elisha done us proud, with girl-power anthems blaring it’s safe to say we were in our element. The BLOW gang had us looking party-perfect with braids and it wouldn’t be a BLOW bash without some glitter roots.

Nobody's Child Blow 16 March 2016-13

Sushi is a regular occurrence at the Betty & Bee office so we just had to get some Japanese deliciousness for the girls.  A HUGE thank-you to Pickled Ginger Finnieston for fulfilling all our sushi needs.. just look at those California rolls *drools*.

Nobody's Child Blow 16 March 2016-16

Nobody's Child Blow 16 March 2016-32


Image courtesy of Shannon Darko

Speaking of food can we just talk about Tantrum Doughnuts for a second? It’s not your dinner unless there’s dessert and boy did we have dessert. Blueberry cheesecake and PB&J doughnuts? Yup this is real life. Our favourite’s got to be the original glazed with Nobody’s Child branding, timeless & classic- just like NC’s SS16 Collection! It wouldn’t be a BLOW party without a hella’ load of fizz too.

Nobody's Child Blow 16 March 2016-21 Nobody's Child Blow 16 March 2016-41How cute does NC’s Nicki look with glitter roots!? It’s safe to say we are all officially OBSESSED with Nobody’s Child SS16 collection. Think simple silhouettes, bodycon dresses and racer-back vests. We’re totally loving the monochrome stripes and pretty floral dresses. It’s still mind-boggling how these beauties are so affordable.. and there’s no catch! WE PROMISE!


Photo courtesy of SHE by SMD

How gorgeous does Simone look in her NC peplum dress!? She styled it with a pleated skirt underneath for some extra va-va-voom, the new collection is totally versatile as shown by this flirty yet feminine look.

Nobody's Child Blow 16 March 2016-27 Nobody's Child Blow 16 March 2016-57

You know that BLOW and Nobody’s Child were a match made in heaven when meeting NC’s Justine! Just check out that half and half colour! She couldn’t help taking a #Blowfie with her new do’ courtesy of the BLOW dream team, way to give some kick ass colour! Thank-you to the wonderful guys at Euan Ramsay for snapping us all night long. Nobody’s Child SS16 is available online and will be hitting Argyle Street Topshop (and Oxford Street) very very soon. No need to wait till payday, we’re off to shop!


March 22, 2016
When Nobody’s Child got #BLOWn

Catherine Aitken SS16: Heritage Luxury.

Queen of Scottish accessories Catherine Aitken has launched her latest collection and we friggin adore it. She’s internationally admired for her bags created with love right here in Scotland. Her collections have been shown in New York, Hong Kong and Canada have become synonymous for beautiful homegrown design. By combining traditional textiles, tweeds, waxed cottons and vintage materials with contemporary shapes; Catherine’s designs are flamboyant and fabulous. 

Hepburn Backpack in Blue Herringbone £150

With a background in film and TV, Catherine began making bags to fund her film she was promoting in Cannes. Unfortunately (well not for us!), that film didn’t kill it in the box office. Although it was in this French paradise where she found inspiration for her bags and launched her label in 2005, it was fate!

Voyager Hip Bag in Orange £65

We’re obsessed. Sometimes tweed seems a bit.. you know, twee? Catherine makes it ultra-fashionable, and importantly ultra-wearable. By not using any plastic or stiff materials the bags are soft as a babies bum. They’re sturdy yet tactile, so you really get an appreciation of the tweed!   

12687898_954071388013002_8560941179384045866_n 12717676_954071364679671_1731091812401133293_n

Swooning is an understatement, the Hepburn Backpack (£150) and Explorer Messenger (£95) from Catherine’s new collection were recently featured SYN mag in this ethereal shoot by GIRLBOSS Glasgow photographer Nuala Swan. I mean how beaut are these shots!?

This year sees Catherine busier than ever. Along with working on her newest collection with Judy Murray (yup that Judy Murray!) and Harris Tweed which BTW is the only cloth to be protected by an Act of Parliament (as it’s damn fine), she’s designing her own cloth to be digitally printed.  This is fashion with a heart, as Catherine works closely with Zero Waste Scotland making sustainable yet sexy pieces.

For some proper heritage luxury, Catherine is your gal. Head to her website and support a true Scottish GIRLBOSS.

10 of our fav Scottish #GIRLBOSSES

Here at Betty & Bee we celebrate GIRLBOSSES every single day. But today officially marks International Women’s Day! We think this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the achievements of some sassy Scottish sistas. Trust us when we say it was a struggle, but we had to whittle it down to just 10. You could have been here till’ Midnight reading about the Queens that are dominating across the industries. Let the list of GIRLBOSSES commence:

1.Sara Hill 

Sara is a master of it all. Her make-up range is a firm favourite in the Betty&Bee make-up bag, taking us from grim to glamorous instantly. With nearly 2 decades in the industry, Sara has worked on more campaigns, fashion weeks and with some of the biggest stars than we can count. If that’s not enough she even founded the iconic HOPE ST fashion and culture magazine, bringing freshness to the Scottish publication scene. 

sara hill

2.Laura Cameron

Mumpreneur Queen is our gal Laura. When she’s not looking after her darling girl, she’s living her dream one delicious sandwich at a time. She has set up her business Brew Box cafe in a charming tardis in the heart of the city. With absolutely everything being made from scratch, she’s up prepping each morning to serve us lucky bunch 7 days a week! Oh and she’s super conscious about the environment, striving to be a zero waste company..you go girl!


3. Lynsey Sharp

Graduating with a Law Degree from Edinburgh Napier, it was only a few weeks before Lynsey was competing in the 2012 Olympics. Being the child of two athletes, she was destined for a future in athletics. Tragically Cameron Sharp Lynsey’s Dad became paralysed due to a serious road accident, which gave Lynsey determination to make him even more proud. Oh and did she make him proud- Lynsey smashed it, winning Silver in the 2014 Commonwealth games despite having many injuries that year.  


4. Lynne McCrossan

Where do we start with this one? She’s a brand guardian for DC Dalgleish, THE ONLY hand weaving texting mill left in the whole-wide-world. They specialise in tartans, worn by the likes of Princess Kate, Vivienne Westwood and even Nelson Mandela *oOoo*. That style bible we call A Girl’s Guide to Vintage, yup she wrote it. AND she’s currently writing a 2nd book about the world of cashmere. Lynne even finds time to write a style column for the Edinburgh Evening News!


5. Karen Mabon

Us Betty&Bee gals have quite the crush on Karen Mabon and her incredible colourful scarfs. From pop culture to kitsch, Karen’s luxury scarfs cover everything we’d ever want and more, but mainly cats. An Edinburgh College of Art grad, Karen went on to attend the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. Having launched her label in 2012, her work is loved by many around the world and has rightfully graced the pages of Vogue to name but a few. She’s also got a boss collection with Anthropologie and our favourite gals gal Dawn O’Porter in the bag.

6. Linda Margeret Young

Ugh where do we start. Linda is KILLING IT, the girls wanna be her and the guys er want her (they wish!). This beautiful young women is only 20 years old and has been signed by Models 1, Pop and Stella models along with Model Team where she started here in Glasgow. You can see her in the recent Strathberry campaign and she’s just graced the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week. Those freckles though.. *swoon*

Photo credits to Catherine Jane.

7. Kirstin Lynn

Drummer Kirstin Lynn, is cooler than we’ll ever be and is known as, “Glasgow’s hardest snare-hitter”. White are bringing 80’s Bowie vibes to the music scene of today and we’re loving it.  Kirstin’s getting them telt’ and showing us how it’s done all whilst wearing sequins in true riot girl style.. imgID30595851

8. Samantha McEwen

Samantha is the founder and creative director of our beloved Isolated Heroes. Since launching in 2012, Samantha has been bringing us luxury fashion at an affordable price, not often seen in the industry. And we’re not talking any average clothing here, Isolated Heroes deliver true GIRLBOSS (and guys!) uniform that’s as fun to wear as it is to look at. We’re talking bold colours and avant-garde masterpieces that only make you want to sashay down the street with a confidence that comes from her clothing.

9. Emily Wylde

If there’s one to watch is this GIRLBOSS. At just 22, Emily is a super-talented photographer with work that screams experience. She started off with live music photography before taking the natural progression into fashion, and boy we’re glad she did. Having shot for Harrison & Fyfe, Instrmnt ltd, MTV and Isolated Heroes to name but a few, we can’t wait to see what’s next for this master of the arts.

Credits to Emily Wylde.

Credits to Emily Wylde.

10. Mhairi Black

Last but definitely not least, is this fierce women standing up for both women and our country in parliment. Elected as MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South in May 2015, she was just 20 years old making her the youngest MP elected since 1880..damn girl. Meanwhile, she was still completing her politics degree at the University of Glasgow. She’s already breaking down barriers and showed her support for the LGBT community before the marriage referendum in Ireland. We couldn’t stop talking about her WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign) speech where she slammed politicians for “justify doing absolutely nothing” on the rising age for Women’s pensions. We don’t just love this lady, we need her!

The SNP's Mhairi Black

So there you go ladies, just some of the inspirational Women making us proud in Scotland. But listen up, today’s about celebrating all the GIRLBOSSES out there. Tell your sistas you love them and show your mumma some love. We’re all in this together to #pledgeforparity. Now where’s the champagne?

March 8, 2016
10 of our fav Scottish #GIRLBOSSES

Save the date: Helen Ruth Scarves meets Wear Eponymous – 27/02/16

Betty & Bee have a huge respect for Scottish Designers and there’s no GIRLBOSS quite like Helen Ruth who returns this season with her A/W collection “Lore of the Land.” Helen Ruth Scarves launched in 2008 after Helen graduated from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen with first class honours and was successfull in winning that year’s Como/Texprint scarf designs competition (on yourself girl!). Taking inspiration from Highland Folklore and legends; the magical designs on her scarves tell their own stories with the “Lore of the Land”  collection showing a darker and bittersweet fairytale..


Lore of The Land ‘Moonlight’ scarf – £145

Like us, Wear Eponymous pride themselves in standing out from the crowd and dressing like kings and queens. With their home in the beaut Princes Square, they offer exclusive, well made goods where you can find out origins of the brand you’re buying and the design inspiration for each collection.  We couldn’t think of a better host for the Designer Day event showcasing Helen’s new ‘Lore of The Land’ collection.


Lore of The Land ‘Underworld’ scarf – £165

Wear Eponymous supports independent brands and up-and-coming British designers, where you’re getting an investment piece that’ll last ya a lifestyle! Helen Ruth Scarves fit that title like a glove, with printing taking place in Glasgow and the hand-finishing in Aberdeen.


Lore of The Land ‘Mermaid’ scarf – £165

Speaking about her inspiration Ruth said “”These are stories that come from the land and I want to invite the wearer of my scarves to create their own tales from my illustrations.” Inspired by her friends folk songs which tell stories, these bitching scarves are a modern way of story telling. Ruth invites you to come meet her and try on some of her scarves, discover their stories and make your own stories from them as art is in the eye of the beholder- and her work truly is a piece of art.  We’ll see you on Saturday the 27th of Feburary at the Wear Eponymous store from 1-3pm.. (p.s there will be drinks served and goodie bags for the first ten visitors!) *Counts down to the weekend*.

Lore of The Land 'Daughter of the picts' scarf - £155

Lore of The Land ‘Daughter of the picts’ scarf – £155

February 25, 2016

They went out with a #BLOW, farewell to Obscure Couture

The West End rumours are true, there ain’t no party like a #BLOW Finnieston party and we’re all too sorry it’s over. Apart from the remaining glitter that’s still falling from our hair, it’ll be a night we’ll never forget as colourful creatives from far and wide came to celebrate the life and love of Obscure Couture. Although there were smiles plastered on everyone’s faces, it was a bittersweet celebration as we scrambled over the last pieces of Scottish History and for one last time, make our other clothes jealous.  Let’s give you a peak of the epic night that was #DeathByGlitter.

Blow Glasgow 30 January 2016-21

You’d think the memo was “go bright hair or go home” for the event held in the newly renovated salon. With an array of fabulous sassy girls and guys, it’s clear to see that Obscure Couture will be more than missed as everyone grabbed their favourites pieces. Handbags at dawn? Try “buy this piece and I’ll cut you.”

Blow Glasgow 30 January 2016-35Blow Glasgow 30 January 2016-7

Doing what they do best our girls at #BLOW put the brushes down for the night as they celebrated the start of their Scottish Design showcases. With a new Scottish designer taking over BLOW’s windows each month, it was only appropriate that they started things off with a BANG with the institution that is Obscure Couture. Our wardrobes will be less sheer and sparkly without them.

Blow Glasgow 30 January 2016-26

Thanks so much to Rekorderlig for keeping us well watered and tips and the wonderful guys at Euan Ramsay for capturing the night. We can’t believe it’s over, but lest we forget, Obscure Couture. RIP.

February 15, 2016
They went out with a #BLOW, farewell to Obscure Couture

Join the Kickstarter: Wearable Art by Dead Sleekit

Here at Betty & Bee, we like our art where we can see it – in our wardrobes. Artfully flattering or ingratiating is the definition of new Scottish designer on the block, Dead Sleekit. If you haven’t already heard, their Kickstarter campaign has already been making waves across the internet, showcasing the new affordable ready to wear collection. A truely ethical brand created right here in Glasgow, it was launched by former Herald Fashion Awards winner Scottish Graduate of the year, Iain McDonald, and we can’t get enough of it.


With the ethos of creating ethical affordable luxury, Dead Sleekit clothing is a piece of art in it’s own right, creating each piece by hand paiting and digitally reworking all designs in house. Working closely with local manfacturers – and living wage employers – such as BeYonder Ltd , Dead Sleekit are determind to start and stay a green company. Each garment is made to order using and recycling any remaining fabric to adapt future orders. We love when a brand champions all body shapes so hearing that Dead Sleekit make clothes to fit any size is something we wanna celebrate! Not only that, if you have pet peeves like exposed arms or knees, that can be worked out too. Litterally made to measure to warm to your form. Now that’s what we’re ready to wear!


Why the Kickstarter then I head you ask? Dead Sleekit needs your support to get their designs digitally printed onto fabric so we can all get our hands on a second collection. And BOY do we want that second collection. To make it happen, Dead Sleekit are aiming to raise £4000 which will support them as an independent company and allow for new innovative ways of printing and manufacturing. That’s basically taking it from Iain’s paintbrush to our bodies. If that’s not money well spent then I don’t know what is.


Apart from the well awaited second collection, pledgers will be given handcrafted gifts to show just how much Dead Sleekit appreciates your support.Starting from just £1 you can find everything from the usual public thank you to the individual hand painted prints signed by Iain himself. Every little helps a lot, so dig deep and help Scottish fashion (and textiles) thrive!

February 4, 2016
Join the Kickstarter: Wearable Art by Dead Sleekit

DEATH BY GLITTER, A farewell to Obscure Couture in BLOW, Finnieston

Here at Betty & Bee we have had a lot of clothes in our lives, but few have measured up to the works of Obscure Couture. We were a nation in mourning last June when our beloved Scottish design duo announced its forever closure on Instagram. For five years they made our other clothes jealous, dressing extroverts around the world in their incredible wears and lets just say it hit us pretty damn hard. In fact, we’re still not over it. Obscure Couture was a Scottish Fashion institution and while every end to anything is unique one feeling is common: heartbreak. Unfortunately, there’s no poly filler fix, but we can give them the send off they deserve in the wake of the century. Obscurities we give you, Death by Glitter in BLOW, Finneston.


Join team Obscure Couture as they bid a final farewell to their fans this January in their spiritual home of BLOW, Finnieston. “Death By Glitter” serves both as a farewell and a celebration to one of Scotland’s most innovative design houses, who enjoyed both success with celebrities, high fashion editorials in Vogue and more importantly, the streets. BLOW Finnieston will provide the backdrop for a night of cocktails, confetti and the last chance to buy one off and end of the line pieces. From couture created for editorials for sale as well as archive pieces from Flesh and Bone right up to their final collection, Suadade. The swan song for label though isn’t so much a night of mourning as one of celebration. Prepare for an evening of colour sparkle as we pay homage to one of Scottish fashion’s indie greats in one of Scotland’s favourite salons.

Betty & Bee's favourite Obscure Couture Moments...

Betty & Bee’s favourite Obscure Couture Moments…

Acting as the official launch of BLOW’s calendar of collaborations with Scottish designers for 2016. The award winning salon has recently had a major revamp, remodelling as they continue to be the cult favourite for beauty in Scotland.  It only seems fitting that the first event of the year. “Death by Glitter” happens in the home of last years viral sensation – glitter roots.

Betty in Guns n' Titties

Betty in Guns n’ Titties

Bee in Weekend in Hell

Bee in Weekend in Hell

Betty in Suaded

Betty in Suaded

Bee in Weekend in Hell (Faux) fur

Bee in Weekend in Hell (Faux) fur

Salon Girl Boss, Fallon Carberry is excited about the prospect of working with new talent for the new year. “We’re thrilled to be able to have Obscure Couture’s farewell in the salon. They’re such a Glasgow institution, it just felt right that they went out in a swirl of glitter in the sass palace that is BLOW, Finnieston.”


As with every wake, this is not an exclusive party. This is a celebration for everyone who has known and loved the works of Obscure Couture, so please spread the word and join the Facebook event page.  Can’t make the party? Be sure to stay tuned on social media for the links to the online auction so you can get a piece of the action.

We’ll leave you with a message from the girls themselves, Jenn Celine Coyle and Lyndsay Pagan, I’d also advise you grab a tissue…

“It is with great sadness that we, your Ladies Obscure, are saying goodbye. Goodbye and thank you to everyone that helped us on our incredible journey, from mentors to customers. We highly doubt a label has had as much fun as we have had. This is a bittersweet farewell to our number-one-child. But when there’s a goodbye, there’s a PARTY.

Now, one last time,Make Your Other Clothes Jealous.”


Let the ugly crying commence! 

January 13, 2016
DEATH BY GLITTER, A farewell to Obscure Couture in BLOW, Finnieston

Ten gifts and stocking fillers for your Boo.

For the one who laughs at all your bad jokes, who brings that bottle of cheap wine when you’re feeling down, who drops it like it’s hot when your song is on, and who has the balls to tell you that, yes, your bum does look big in those. Really a girls BFF is completely indispensable and for all he or she does, they deserve the perfect present this Christmas. So we have compiled a list of our favourite gifts to treat your boo while shopping locally, because it wouldn’t be a Betty & Bee blog without the local love!


When you are sick of the sight of that scabby marked make up bag, upgrade for a stunning Harris Tweed number from Catherine Aitken – £27.50.


For those who want to feel like a mermaid there is this stunning silk scarf from Helen Ruth – £115.

Green_Laro_small_-_Edited_largeFor every Kochiba Watch that is sold, a contribution is made to the charity Womankind, a thoughtful gift for the BFF with a heart of gold. Laro – £90


Nothing says “I love you boo” that kissing swans, am I right? Grab yours from Bonnie Bling for £30


We can’t get enough of stationary and this three-way notepad is everything and more, grab one for your boo (and you) at Wear Epytomous in Princes Square.

comet bracelet-5b

A friendship bracelet for the fashionista, this Comet bracelet from John & Pearl is a steal at £34.


Pantone described the colour orange as the happiest colour, put a smile on your gals face with this super cute roller necklace from Pip Jolley – £35


Some gifts need no explanation, this is one of them. Liz Lemon Print £15 from LalaLand 


When your best bitch is the cutest she needs herself a little bitch bag! From our Betty’s collaboration with British Accessory designer Sara Sboul – £60 


When you want her to shine bright like the diamond she is, there’s Sara Hill’s fabulous glitter eyes , cruelty-free and just £15.

Still looking for some stocking fillers? Some of these may float your other halves boat…


DIY Nails lucky dip bag, 5 sets for £5


Not Everything Sucks pin from Abandon Ship Apparel £4

December 3, 2015
Ten gifts and stocking fillers for your Boo.