Times they are a’changing: Top 5 moments of Betty and Bee

How do you condense two years of your life into a click-bait friendly top 5 list?  I don’t think there is an easy way to pull together everything we’ve learned and achieved over the past few years, but looking back, it’s nice to reflect on some of the kick ass projects we’ve developed in our time under the twin B’s. As Betty and Bee closes its doors as we take new opportunities and move in different directions, we look back at the projects and the people who have helped make this journey worth every second.


Waste Not Want Not

The work we enjoy the most really is the projects where we really feel like we’ve made a quantifiable difference.  Zero Waste Scotland has been one of the more emotionally rewarding projects we’ve got work on. We spent a weekend collaborating and brainstorming with other creative businesses about the circular economy, took over empty shops for workshops and got to work with the exceptional team at Genuine and Scotland Redesigned chatting how to make the most of your wardrobe.


Specs Appeal

From indie darlings to luxury eyewear giants, we have loved working with glasses companies at the forefront of the optical industry. Going to Mido in Milan with Pretavoir was a crash course in content creation and development that taught us to think on our feet, how to structure our calendars as well as allowing us to meet and work with some of our design heroes. Taking it offline and back in to the store, launching Glasgow powerhouse Iolla with a digital influencer-led campaign was also super fun. From finding brand partners to seeing more sales coming through blogger collaborations than traditional print editorials had us riding a high for weeks. Iolla have fast become the go to stop for affordable stylish eyewear and we’re pretty stoked  we got to be part of their story.


Got to get the money honey: Smashing the Scot Street Style Crowdfund

We love measurable results, and while we enjoy a graph and stats break down as much as the next gals, nothing quite speaks volume as cold hard cash. The Scot Street Style book crowdfund was lagging when we came on board. With a target of £10,000 we had to work fast and hard. With 10 days and nothing but a good wifi connection and our little black books to help us, we not only met the target but smashed it. Pretty good for our first crowdfunding campaign right?

Betty and Bee (2)

Hiring our first member of staff

When running a boutique company you can end up a little in your own bubble, which is why we’ve always loved having interns work with our team. From Sarah and Megan who helped at crucial moments in the business from pop up events to SEO digital outreach, we’ve been shaped by the changing faces who worked in the Betty and Bee HQ, and hope we’ve managed to do the same.  Hiring our first member of staff though was a real pivotal moment. Our Jess was like the ultimate Auntie to help look after our Betty and Bee baby. Seeing her off to the big smoke has us feeling like a pair of proud mother hens. Hell, we feel that way about all our Betty and Bee babies. Our team are a bunch of powerhouses who are continuing to do killer work and we truly can’t wait to see what they do next.

Betty and Bee by Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Basically, everything we did with BLOW

You don’t get many opportunities to grow with a brand, but Betty and Bee and Blow were a developmental match made in heaven. From identifying taste makers to THAT viral campaign (can you guys believe that the glitter roots is doing the rounds AGAIN?) working with BLOW has been one hell of a ride. We created some really super fun editorial content with the team – did someone say intergalactic girl gang? – and have seen the boutique salon become an officially sanctioned Manic Panic Colour Asylum with BLOW photos all over their site. How exciting is that? That’s not even beginning to touch on our work with Topshop, Nobodies Child, The Bang Bar or our festive pop up! The trophies we racked up with the team were pretty sweet too.


It feels like we have barely even touched on some of the wonderful brands we’ve worked with. The girls at Jelly and Gin and their gastronomical food journey, rebrands and relaunches with The Trading House, The Burger Bash with Rebel Rebel, taking on the persona of Mr Dick Winters, working with Catherine Aitken, Helen Ruth, Aymee Charlton, Bonnie Bling, truly it feels like there are too many brands to mention.  It’s still surreal saying goodbye to something we’ve worked so hard on but this is the right decision for right now. And we would do it all again in a heartbeat.

The blog will be sticking around (keeping you up to date with our favourite brands on the Scottish scene) and both Betty and I are super excited about our new projects going forward. With Bee heading more into content creation and digital development and Betty preparing to take on (and over) the freelance world we continue to be each others biggest cheerleaders, in the only way BFF’s can.  We wouldn’t have been able to do it without our family, our friends, and more importantly, each other.

Betty and Bee by CJ Monk at tg5

For the last time, this is Betty and Bee reminding you to stay weird.

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March 30, 2016
Times they are a’changing: Top 5 moments of Betty and Bee


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